A Broken Heart Fixed By Friendship

A Broken Heart Fixed By Friendship


A poem about love and friendship.

Once upon a time
I gave all of me
But was left to cry
And pick my heart up

Then one day, you came
Messed up my system
With your sweet lil’ smile
You caught me off guard

You complete my day
You’ve woken my heart
What’s this? Is it love?

How a smile saved a broken heart

Once upon in my new workplace, I’ve met a smiling person that brightens my day. The stress at work was lessened whenever I see her.

I’ve been mending a broken heart for a couple of years. Her cheerfulness and noisiness (in a good way) make me forget that I was in pieces.

Day after day, talk over talk until I lost track how many lunches we had together. Then the last thing I know, I’m really happy being with her.

But, I’m too afraid to follow my heart. I let my mind win over what I feel. At first, I was saddened by the fact that someone is with her now. It kind of kills me inside because that should’ve been me if I was brave enough. But, I’m a coward who is secretly in love with her best friend. It came to a point that I’ve stayed away from her. To the extent that I almost cut our friendship.

What happened with the distance?

I’ve tried really hard keeping the distance between us. Unfortunately, the bond we’ve shared is stronger than the hurt I’m feeling. I almost forgot that she is my best friend. I’ve selfishly decided to take myself away from her life.

It’s sad to lose the chance of having her as my other half. However, the sadness brought new meanings and beginnings. We became closer and got to know each other deeper. It would be my greatest regret if I’ve let pain keep her away from me.

Our story might not be about lovers. But, I’ve realized that our friendship is enough. Above all, what’s important is that we love each other. I’m happy more than ever with the relationship we have.


This letter sender definitely didn’t lose his belief in love. If you are the guy in this story, would you stay or walk away from the person you’ve wanted to be your other half? 

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