A Night To Remember Or To Forget?

A Night To Remember Or To Forget?

One night, you’ve asked me to hang out with you and your friends—to sing and drink the night away. You’re very consistent that’s why I’ve accepted your invitation. While the night got deeper, shot by shot, song after song, me as a poor drinker, got up and passed out in your bed.

Just before the midnight approached, a breath awakened my consciousness. As I weakly opened my eyes, I saw your face in front of me. With your body next to mine, I got numb and a bit lost. Why are we sharing a bed and breathing each other’s breath?

Because of alcohol in my body, I have not enough energy. I couldn’t stop you in putting your lips on mine. You’ve opened my mouth with your tongue. So, my veins and muscles got electrified and started to respond with your movements.

Every touch and every kiss sent sparks in me that seems to light up the unlit room. It may sound like a broken record, but I had a taste of paradise that night. Being in that moment makes me want to stay there forever.

I woke up on a simple breakfast that you’ve prepared. I couldn’t hide my happiness as I sipped on the coffee you’ve made. It’s like in the movies. So magical. Too f*cking perfect.

And Then

And just like in some movies, it didn’t end well. The next day seemed normal. We’re back to square one. Friends. No more. No less. It was like nothing heavenly happened. My thoughts and emotions were so fucked up.

How did I let this rollercoaster ride of emotions happened to me over again? Did I not learn from my past heartaches and mistakes? I’m so stupid. I want to forget it all. If I could just sleep this through and wake up as if nothing had happened.

About That Night

Do you have that kind of night where something so beautiful happened but you have to forget it? Your happiness consumed you. As a result, you’ve let your guard down. You’ve got hurt.

Let’s all be wise. Got a story like this? Share them to us and let others learn from it too.

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