A Third Party in a Relationship Realizations

A Third Party in a Relationship Realizations

Being the third party in a relationship is not always intentional. Because sometimes in your quiet world, a crazy person will come and blind you by her love.

I didn’t plan on entering a difficult situation but I found myself inside of it. Trapped with all the butterflies in my stomach she gave. Fooled by hundreds of promises like she will end her current relationship for my sake. Only to find myself having thoughts that I’m doing them a favor. Because she’s not in love with him anymore. So, I waited and fell in love with her harder.

The fantasy of ending up with her is always lingering on my mind. With my hope so high, I planned a future with her. Every decision I made, I’ve considered and included her.

Year After Year of Being the Third Party in a Relationship

I patiently waited for the day that she will be with me only. The hope for a future together kept me going. All those long late-night talks, surprise back hugs, simple adventures, and little tears of joy here and there made me madly in love with her.

How mad did I become? I;

  • got angry to people that criticized us
  • shut people in my life that she doesn’t like
  • spent all my weekends with her and for her only
  • forgot I’m a third party in a relationship
  • loved her more than myself
  • forgave her lies and false alibis
  • ignored all the pain she caused me

What Did I Do Wrong?

I’ve made so many mistakes. I was so invested in a love that I’ve believed will make me happy. I forgot that I was the third party in a relationship. I’ve allowed myself to love someone unavailable and forgot to love myself.

What I’ve Learned from being the Third Party in a Relationship?

  • Forgetting to love yourself is wrong on so many levels.
  • Guard your heart because heartbreakers exist.
  • You cannot justify wrongdoing by being sorry with the outcome.
  • It’s only a heartbreak you can move on from.
  • Life is short to spend on the wrong people.

Falling in love is an amazing feeling. Find someone that will love you back and will fight with you in this unfair world. It’s always a risk but it will be worth it for that right person.

To cut the drama and end this with a bang, you can listen to this beautiful and meaningful song. Enjoy!

You’re a heartbreaker
Dream maker, a love taker
Don’t you mess around with me

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