About Us

About Us

Got feels or unsent letters you want to say or send? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

“Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.”

Mitch Albom

Unsent Letters Collection is here for all the feels you wanted to say. In here, you can spill out all that thoughts inside your excited or exhausted mind—or in this case, write. Express yourselves to the full and don’t let regret chase you day and night, for the rest of your life. Speak your mind and never let any thought persistently attack you just because you’re keeping it. Let ULC be your way to unload your feels. Sending your unsent letters to us might not able to let the receiver know what you feel. But, the fact that you’ve unloaded the things that are getting in your nerves. Also, the thought that someone out there could read your letter to help them get over the same circumstance you’ve experienced is really a win-win situation.

Don’t hold back! Let your emotions flow and write them up. We are here to lighten up your loads and share it to the world.

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