And Then Love Came—Thank You For Coming

And Then Love Came—Thank You For Coming

Love life? I was single for six long years. Who would have thought that the one I’ve been waiting for will come in the most unexpected time and most surprising way? I’ve stopped searching and just go with the flow—and then he came.

I remember referring my cousin to a single friend of mine. Then after a week, he told me that he will introduce me to his classmate (my bee). I don’t know him totally. As in we are complete strangers. We may have mutual friends, but I can’t remember seeing each other before.

Going back to my purpose, I just really appreciate you, bee. Your effort, time, understanding, love, respect, and sincerity. I may have relationships way before but you are the first one who stepped into our door and introduced yourself.

I’m so happy you came to my life

Thank you for sincerely making me feel loved each and every day. For teaching me how to see things from a different perspective. I love that you don’t spoil me with things and correcting my actions and words in a good manner. For the zillions of understanding, you’re giving me, bee. I can be with you while doing my take-home-work and bonding with my friends. For cheering me up when I want to give up and letting me do what makes me happy. I’m grateful for your courage in introducing me to your family and so glad to feel their warm welcome. For supporting me in everything I do. For the love, care and importance you’re giving me. And many more.

I hope that you will never change. Stay humble and keep smiling. I love you!

Searching for love

Do you look for love? Or do you wait for it? Whichever way you prefer or whatever you do—when love happens, it happens. Ready or not, you cannot be prepared when it comes.

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