Avoid Regrets—Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Avoid Regrets—Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

“Regrets are always at the end.”

This saying has been proven true many times and in so many ways. People are not aware that they’re going to regret something. Until one day, reality hits them hard. The vivid memories of how things turned out keeps playing back on their minds.

All those what ifs are popping wildly in your head. But, you’re effing helpless. You can’t turn back time. Therefore, you can’t do anything but hope and do your best.

There are many ways to avoid regrets. Above all, don’t forget the people who love you unconditionally. Their love and faith in you are what matters most. Not whether you make it or not. It is your well-being that is important to them, not your success.

Us and Them

This movie is about so many things. Dream and family. Love and heartbreak. Failure and success. Marriage and regrets. One minute you’re laughing and then next you’re crying. In other words, this movie is so good.

The connection between the characters is so strong. And the next thing you know, tears are falling down your face. Your heart hurts and you sob uncontrollably.

Jian-qing sad letter to his Dad (who passed away)


I saw Xiao-xiao. She seemed to be doing well. I could tell you were worried about us back then. I also knew, even though you never asked, you knew what was going on.

I’m learning bit by bit the recipe you gave me. Although, I haven’t been able to replicate the same taste.

I wanted to apologize to you. I could’ve taught you how to use the remote more patiently. But I didn’t. I could’ve listened eagerly to the stories from your past. But I didn’t. I could’ve spent more time with you. But I didn’t. I could’ve held your hand and said some nice words. But I didn’t.

Dad, you’re with Mom now, right? Don’t worry about us now. We’re all doing well.

This is my first letter to you. If I have things to tell you in the future, I’ll write to you again. I’m sure you would be able to hear me. It’s a pity I couldn’t tell you this in time. Dad, I love you. I love you dearly. I’m sure you could hear me.

Jian-qing, Us and Them (2018)


The movie will remind you that failing is part of reaching your dreams. It will show you that love is not always sunshine. And, you may not have a perfect family but they are enough for you. Keep on believing in love no matter how ugly it gets. Don’t wait until it’s too late; to do the things you should have done and say the words you needed to say.

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