Block me. It hurts. Let’s Disconnect.

Block me. It hurts. Let’s Disconnect.

Block me because I can’t stop myself.

Hi J! Hmm… Can ask for a little favor?

Please, please, please, please block me on Facebook and Instagram as soon as possible.

For some reason—just last night—it seemed like you are the only one who is in my dream (as far as I remember). I’m sorry because lately you often come in my mind. Then, you are (sort of) frequently on my Facebook and Instagram news feed, (I’m just a little hurt even though I’m not supposed to, and really should not be). Just like that.

For me, that’s the only way to avoid you. I’m afraid if I’m the one who blocks you, it’s just useless because I can still visit your account (by unblocking you). But when you block me, I have no chance to visit your accounts.

I’m sorry for my badgering. I assumed. Thank you. Because I can tell that I’ve moved on in the past owing to the fact that I’ve fallen for you (but fail again). It’s enough. I appreciate who you are and what you are as you. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to meet someone like you.

I’m sorry if I avoided you too much every time we meet especially last December on our friendships’ year-end party. My friend is really crazy, she already knows I’m avoiding you (but keeps on teasing me).

Thank you very much. Keep safe on all the things you do in life. God bless you more.



Please block me

It’s really hard to keep ourselves away on doing things that we even knew will gonna hurt us. For example, visiting the profile of the one we admire. It’s kind of all right to visit their profile but seeing things that hurt us unintentionally is not good. So, requesting to someone to block your account in order to not see updates on their profile is really awkward but so brave.

Two thumbs up to all the brave person that can muster strength in doing this.

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