Brokenhearted But Still Beautiful, Note 2

Brokenhearted But Still Beautiful, Note 2

Your beauty will not come to an end even if you’re brokenhearted.

Hey, you! Yes, you. The one who has been left. That person who’s trying hard to show a happy smile. The one who’s crying inside when no one is around. The one who talks to the reflection in the mirror asking; What is wrong? Did I do something bad? Am I not good enough? I guess I’ve made myself clear whom I’m talking to. Okay, listen.

Love and tragedies

You are more than enough. Maybe you were left by the one you love most. Or, you feel like you’re all alone, even if there are people around you that care for you. These don’t mean something is wrong with you.

There are just things that don’t happen no matter how much you wanted it. If it’s something bitter, learn from it. Don’t curse it. No one is accountable for the pain it brought you. They were the consequences of the choices you have made so deal with it. And if it’s something so beautiful that is too good to let go, just cherish it. You’ve fought so hard enough to make it stay so it’s okay to let go; if what you’re fighting for is not worth it anymore—if it’s asking you to let it go. Know when it’s time to continue and when it’s time to stop.

A breakup may feel like it’s the end of the world. You don’t have the energy to eat, you lock yourself in your room, you don’t have time for others. F*ck it! It’s not the end of your life. And sometimes, a breakup occurs to grow oneself out. It can be a time to find yourself. And maybe by then, you’ll realize that you needed that pain and suffering. That you don’t need anyone or anything to make you whole. You’re whole as you are. You just got to learn that you are enough no matter brokenhearted you are or how nobody the world treats you.

You are a beautiful creature. Most of all, you are enough and, you matter! Live on!

Got brokenhearted?

Do you still remember the pain when you get your heart broken? Maybe it’s time to let it all out. Write to them and throw them into the universe. Let us be your way to unload your feels. Send your story to us.

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