Finding Love Despite Of Fear

Finding Love Despite Of Fear

A letter about being lost and finding love. We’re not promised tomorrow and happy endings are not guaranteed. In addition, falling in love is kind of scary. However, having a great love story is having fear but still aspiring and embracing love.

Dear Point B

You can call me, point A. I know where I am but I don’t know where to go. Left or right, straight ahead or step backward. I’ve been traveling the earth on a ‘go with the flow’ basis. I love and be loved, laugh and cry, got angry and been sorry. I’ve felt a different kind of feelings in the world.

I’ve felt so happy that I would never ever kick off the leaves just to save the magic. The megabytes of happiness I’ve felt before falling in love became gigabytes or much to say was converted to its superlative—terabytes. My world spins crazily but I don’t care if I get dizzy because it has more colors and more joy. I would rather be lost for a long time than not meeting you at all. I want you to be my point B. No matter; how long, how hard, how painful and how whatever. I want to live up the rest of my life with you. So, to my point B, this letter is for you.


Point A

P.S. Can I get off from work and go home then curl up beside you as we fall asleep?

Are you brave enough?

May this letter gave you gave you a bit of courage in finding love.

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