Hello, New Lover—Of My Past Romance

Hello, New Lover—Of My Past Romance

You are her new lover. I hope you’re the last and won’t be a past.

You are that college classmate who I think based on your actions back then lacks a sense of responsibility. Outside the university, I have no idea who the hell are you or what the heck you are doing. You may be worse or I am completely wrong. I’m not judging you, I’m just saying my opinion based on observations. Maybe you’re a changed man now. That you grow yourself some balls to take responsibility.

I don’t know you well as much as I have known my past love. It’s not that I’m saying I know how every neuron in her brain works or what are her deepest darkest secrets and hopes. These are just from my point of view from how things turned out between us. It may not happen the way it did but I hope you could be more aware as her new lover.

Don’t show up late on your meetups because it pisses her off. And, don’t get pissed waiting for her even if you have to wait for nothing.

If she’s pushing you away because her tantrums attacked, don’t leave. She has the worst mood swings in this world. Deal with it because you chose to love her.

Be mature enough to understand her immaturity and senseless rage.

She’s as irresponsible as you are (back in college or until now *I don’t know) But I hope the two of you learn from each other and be the best version of yourselves. I’m not saying you two are bad. I’m pertaining to the attitude.

Activate the little boy in you and have fun if the kid inside her kicked in.

You’re definitely not me and things might not happen as same as before or she might not be like that anymore. I am not a love guru but do yourself a favor if you really love her. Tomorrow isn’t promised so love her with all you are. Don’t get me wrong with what I said because I will never have ill-wish against the two of you. Fall in love every day and don’t get tired. If you happen to got burnt-out, remember why you have fallen for her. Reminisce those moments that made you choose to love her. I wish you all the best this unkind world could ever offer.


From One Of Your Girlfriend’s Past

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