How Did I Become Addicted To You?

How Did I Become Addicted To You?

Being addicted to you is like a crazy roller coaster ride. But, I’ve loved every second of it.

At first, I know I won’t fall in love with someone like you. You’re not my type at all. You’re a “she” and I want a “he”. But how did you manage to change me? Well, I guess it’s only me who can answer that. It started with a kiss, a kiss just like in every movie. A kiss that electrified my whole body. A kiss that you stole from me when I’m pretending to be drunk. Well, of course, I’ll be honest, I love it. I love it to the point that I’m the one who insists it the next time. At this point, I don’t want it to stop. How did a simple smack kiss manage to change my perspective on life?

There was a time that everyone was damn serious, and there I was, no one could ever stop me from talking. But guess what? You still manage to stop me. How? With a touch of your lips. It feels like you’re too thirsty from my lips. The way you touch my face and turned it into yours. The way you kiss me passionately for the first time. How can I forget that? That’s too special for me. That was the longest kiss I had so far at that time. It feels so real, the feeling I’ve been longing for so long. I know someone might see us, but who cares? You want me and I want you.

The kiss lasted for almost 15 mins or more I guess? I’m too weak to stop you. I can feel my lips getting numb, but still, I can’t stop you. I even want more from you. Then you finally stop, why? Why? Did you stop? I want more! Oh, my cousin is getting closer that is why!

How it goes after the kiss

We keep on seeing each other. More exciting things happen! The more I’m with you, the more I feel your love, more and more each day. I’m getting used to it, I can’t let the day end without seeing you. Without holding your big hands, without looking at your face, and without your kiss. I really am addicted to you now. And I know that the feeling is mutual.

That’s when I realize and told myself, “This girl is really different. What if I try? What if it works?” Then it happened. I’ve accepted the love that you are offering. I finally gave up and loved you back. I will never regret that decision. The decision of loving you is the best thing that happened to me.

Yes, happened. Because now, you’re not with me anymore. You are not mine. You’ve left me.

Sender’s note

If you want me to write the whole story and how was my life being addicted to her, please comment below. No hate guys, just LOVE!

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