It’s Just A Heartbreak, Note 1 To Brokenhearted

It’s Just A Heartbreak, Note 1 To Brokenhearted

Heartbreak is painful but it is never a reason to give up on love.

Hey, done-everything-but-still-been-left!

Are you okay? I heard you’ve been making yourself busy after being left by the one you thought was going to be your forever love. It’s okay! It may not be okay for now, but eventually, it is going to be okay. As okay as if your heart wasn’t broken into pieces at all.

You’re maybe brokenhearted and your soul was crushed. But, you are still very alive. You still have you so don’t be hard on yourself. Also, your friends and your family is there for you. Most of all, you still have the Man above.

What to do with heartbreak

Go out with your friends and laugh the loneliness away. No man is an island but a companion doesn’t always have to be a significant other, sometimes it could be your mean and cherished friends.

Get more close to your family and make the most out of every chance to express your love to them. They will always be there to believe in you even if you refuse to believe in yourself and they will never ever leave you no matter how insane you could become.

Treat yourself to the things you couldn’t do back when you were head over heels to that person (you have given everything up to the last drop of whatever you have but still leave you). Always remember that the first person who will be there for you when things went so bad is you.

Nevertheless, there is someone before you that is always there for you in every phase of your life. He’s just one prayer away. Don’t forget that.

Pick yourself up! It’s just heartbreak. You are not dead yet! Live on!

Got something to say?

Brokenhearted? Have you ever been into a situation wherein you feel like it’s the end of the world? You’ve been left and you are so devastated by the breakup.

Share your heartbreak story with us. Let us be your way to unload your feels.

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