Love Story of Two Strangers

Love Story of Two Strangers

Our love story started 17 years ago. We were sitting next to each other but now we’re way too far from each other.

i hate u, i love u 

Start of Our Love Story

We were classmates in elementary school. In our 5th grade, I knew he has a crush on me, but he didn’t know I also liked him. What he knew is I have a crush on our classmate which is also true.

In our junior high, we went to the same school. I had my first boyfriend but we broke up quickly. The moment he knew I was single he didn’t stop chasing me. But I won’t allow him to enter my life. I don’t want him to court me because I don’t like him anymore.

Then he got a girlfriend but broke up with her. He came back to me and told me that I am the one he really loved. Again, I rejected him. He got another girlfriend, and the same thing happened. Until we graduated junior high. We went to college. He went to the same university where I am studying. 

My first boyfriend and I were still hanging out with our friends. I’ve never thought that he would come back after our breakup. But, we got back together and celebrated my 18th birthday.

Flashback. I told him when we were in 6th grade that when I turned 18, I would say yes, and it’s happening. We were happy. The person I like likes me too. Best feeling! Right? But then, days after my debut, he turned cold. I found out he was just pressured to do that at the party. He didn’t like me that much. Because he was falling in love with my best friend. Ouch! But that’s what happened to us.

Love After Heartbreak

I was about to finish my degree when I found myself getting close to Trev. The person who likes me for a long time. The one who always comes back. He keeps on asking me to go out but I would always reject him because I was so busy. Then he offered me help to do tasks that he can. He’s good at drawing so he did some of my visuals for my demo. He’s always there to listen whenever I’m tired and stressed in school as a graduating student. He supports me in all the stuff I like and love. He is always there for me.

On my graduation day, he waited for me on the pathway to take a picture of me and us. That night, when I came home, he gave me a CD of my favorite singer. I almost want to hug him but I refused because I’m still in denial.

In my preparation for the board exam, he was still there to cheer me up.  Now, I can’t deny to myself that I’m slowly falling for him. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. We’re now in a relationship.

I took the board exam. While waiting for the result to come, I got a job. I was about to start at work when I told my mom about him. She doesn’t like him. I told him to wait for me. I’m just going to prove myself to my family. And by then, I can introduce him to them. I was too afraid at that time. So, I lost him.

That Should Be Me

A week later, I was too stressed and tired at work. I called him but I heard hurtful words from him. He was hurt. I was crying in the darkness. I don’t have someone to share things that would understand me. It’s just him that really knows me, a lot. I tried to stalk him on the internet and found out he has a girlfriend. He was happy. They were happy. That should be me.

We didn’t see each other for almost half a year until we met on our alumni party. He drove me home. We stopped somewhere and talked about what happened to us. I told him all of the reasons. Then, he almost kissed me but I went out of the car before he could actually do it.

Six months after the alumni party, they broke up. He called and asked me to get back together. I said yes. We should be happy because we’ve been waiting for this for a long period of time. But then he told me he can’t leave his girlfriend who was there when he needed me the most. They’re just having problems and they didn’t break up. Her family likes him. She makes him happy. That was the most heartbreaking thing that happened to me.

Just Another Heartbreak

Two months after, I had a boyfriend. I gave him all. All the things that I should’ve given to Trev. I gave him all my love. I’ve introduced him to my family. I did everything that I can do to be the best girlfriend he could have. But then, I got tired of understanding him and feeling unappreciated. Trev doesn’t treat me like that. Yeah, I was looking for Trev’s trait in him. F*ck! I miss Trev. I miss how he understands and supports me in everything I want to do. We broke up.

Almost a year after, during this pandemic, Trev and her girlfriend broke up. He came back again. But I prepared myself and already anticipated the pain if it would fail again. This time, I made sure that they broke up officially. We told each other that we’re not going to break up anymore. We’ll be too dumb to let this moment go.

Ending of a Love Story

We were building our dreams since we’re both working already. We’re planning of getting married and stuffs, but then he paused. He noticed and told me that I’ve changed a lot. He said that I wasn’t the girl whom he loved before. I changed. Yes, I did really changed a lot. Of all the pains I’ve endured, of all the trials I’ve faced through the years—I’ve changed. And he cannot believe me. So, as I have anticipated that this would happen, I set him free. I wouldn’t waste my time with a person who cannot accept me for who I am.

After 17 years of chasing, we ended up not being in a relationship—not even friends. We ended up being strangers and our love story came to an end.

What a love story. Not a happy ending but I’m sure that there are lessons learned. Do you have stories like this? Send us your story and let’s share it with the digital world.

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