Love with Hate Passion

Love with Hate Passion

To clarify, this is a letter of love with hate to a person deeply loved by someone who was deeply hurt.


I don’t know how to start this. How can I write a letter to the person that I hate the most as of now? But, I have to start or else I won’t be able to move on. I will start with how much I hate everything that happened between us.

I hate the fact that you’ve come into my life.

I hate the time that you’ve shown me how beautiful I am.

I hate the idea that you’ve made me realize that I can be loved.

I hate your words, telling me how much you’ve loved me.

I hate the feeling I have now that keeps on wanting you.

I hate the reality that you’ve left me without any closure.

I hate you so much that I wish I can just forget about you.

I hate you. I f*cking hate you! I wish you knew how much you’ve hurt me. The feeling of being loved and having been left at the same time is not a joke. You’ve left without any explanation and with no single warning. You’ve never tried talking to me. Maybe we can still try and fix us. But, what the f*ck did you do? You’ve just ended it and run away.

My hopes and hurts

You’ve sworn to me too many promises that brought my hopes up. I’ve never expected someone like you can break me that fast. You let me fall without anyone by my side. After that, tell me how can I believe in love again? Everyone I’ve loved just let me fall big time. You’re just like them.

That is to say, I hope you won’t do this to anyone again. Because this kind of feeling can really destroy a person and might kill them. And, not everyone is like me.

Love with Hate

I can forgive you not because I love you or you’ve been a huge part of my life. Above all, because I need to be happy again. I need to focus on other things that can make me happy. Things that can make me feel that I am someone again. I badly wanted to forget about you. But, I won’t. I will use this hate that I have for you to keep fighting and be ready to accept the next downfall that will happen to me.

Thank you for destroying me.

Love with hate,


Can you love after hate?

To sum up, heartbreaks do suck. And yes, it might be hard to forget someone whom you’ve shared so many memories to cherish. But, you can love after a hurtful breakup. It might be after a long time but it will come. Don’t get tired. Love yourself and be ready to welcome again the feeling that you’ve hated before.

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