Tame Your Rage And Make It A Positive Anger

Tame Your Rage And Make It A Positive Anger

Keeping positive anger in the office because of toxic people is becoming a hard task for me. I consider myself kind and mature when it comes to dealing with annoying people (that represents the epitome of animalism). Those kinds of creatures made me think (deeper than the Pacific Ocean) how they become so irritating and bothersome. It’s not my job to point out what is wrong with them and I’m not entitled to correct their attitudes. But, could I f*cking say to those moral deficient beasts that their presence drains the energies of the people around them? (Promise) I’ll say it in the calmest and nicest possible way.

What to say (and be kind) to bad people

Hi, dears. We’ve noticed that you’ve kept on doing bad things in the office. Are you aware of it? It’s not like we’re attacking you but this is for the sake of everyone around you. We are in a professional environment so we have to keep things on that level. Do you know what I’m saying? Be human enough and have manners. Thank you very much.

What (you really want) to say to cruel persons

Hey, b*tch! Please be informed that your ugly face is getting uglier because you keep on possessing the ugliest manner. We want to care about you but you’re getting worse every nanosecond passed. It’s as if you don’t waste time honing your erroneous etiquettes. Hope you have a taste of your own medicine and choke on it. Take care because I don’t care.

Save your energy

On a serious note, here’s a quote that fits very well in this kind of situation.

“You can’t change someone who does not see an issue with their actions. You can only change how you react to them.

As much as we want to help people who keep on doing bad things, we can’t do something about it—as long as those persons don’t see it for themselves. They are a hopeless case. All that’s left for us to do is to move on and never ever be like them.

Stay positive and don’t let anger consume you

It’s a difficult challenge to not lose your temper and be calm when someone is playing it very dirty and unfair. For example, in a career ladder or professional work, it’s hard to believe when ineffective and unqualified employees got promoted because they are a combination of snail and snake. Situations like that are even harder to accept for people who play it fair and much more qualified and deserving for the stolen position.

Life goes on and on

There’s a world outside the four corners of your office or wherever that anger imprisoned you. Take the lessons and learn from the situations that tested your patience. As we got out, I hope we could have positive anger despite finding ourselves in a negative surrounding again. And like in the movie Wonder where Mr. Browne tackles about precepts, I hope we can do it. The lines go:

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.”

Got positive anger to share?

Anger doesn’t make us any less human. We all feel angry from time to time. It’s good to acknowledge your anger and understand it. What’s not good is pretending you’re not angry when you are and letting those destructive emotions eats you alive.

Send us your rages while keeping it cool and positive. Calm down and pour your feelings. Kill ‘em with kindness.

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